when we’re willing to share our privates, we have nothing to hide, and our connection grows

just like humans, it’s so much harder to meet someone we don’t know when there’s a wall, or in this case a fence, between. i was with my friends nina and rita. we experience god through nature.  nina’s dog, bee, and the visiting dog on the other side of the fence, approached each other barking.

without a wall, dogs who are meeting for the first time, naturally do a dance, where they touch noses, walk around each other a couple of times and then sniff each other’s butts. and then they start wagging their tails. sometimes when dog owners have their dogs leashed and the dogs are prevented from sniffing their privates, snarls ensue as one or both want to assert their presence, or protect his owner.

bee and the dog on the other side of the fence came bounding toward each other and then right away, after their initial nose touch, the dog on the other side, turned around and put her butt into bee’s face for her to sniff. it was adorable. and almost immediately, the two of them were smiling and wagging their tails.

funny how dogs are so willing and wise. they share their junk, their privates, at first meeting. they don’t feel the need to hide their most precious parts. there is no shame, judgement, or secrets. left on their own, they just share.

when we’re willing to let our guards down, smell each other’s secrets, share the truth, we experience the opening of our hearts, and that’s when we connect and that’s when i hear god.




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