my heart connects in a language that has no words

your heart knows. its a place that knows sorrow and joy very well. your heart connects with god and her will, and there you find harmony. it’s when you allow your heart to sing and open that you experience your connection to god.

when you find yourself doing something or saying ‘yes’ just to please others, inside your heart may be suffering, pause and ask yourself is this my truth?

practice listening to your heart as you experience being in the moment. god will present moments for you to respond to a difficult situation. as you notice in detail how your body is responding to the news, the situation, the dilemma, this is your heart speaking. it happens before your ego jumps in and begins to complicate things.

to experience that moment again. close your eyes, pray and mediate on the news. allow your mind to still,  quiet and empty.

listen to your heart. notice the details.

i say ‘notice the details’ because this is the way i practice staying in the moment. i practice noticing the details. i notice my breathing, the birds singing, the sun on my skin, the smell of the roses. noticing the details allows me to detach from my thoughts. as thoughts enter, i allow them, but i let them leave me the way a wave in the ocean leaves the shore, it rolls in and then rolls out. the thought doesn’t stay.

i don’t have to hold onto a thought. thoughts are filled with judgement and past experiences, and sometimes future fears. i don’t have to try to keep them away, i just observe them, and let them float away.

sometimes tears will be rolling down my face during meditation. sometimes a lightness as if i’m flying, nothing holding me down. sometimes i find myself back in my mama’s womb floating, sometimes i’m a cloud in the sky, sometimes i’m a bubble in the ocean. wherever i am in meditation, it’s freeing. nature and i become one.

notice the details of the moment. as you enter the quiet, sharing your news in prayer, god speaks to you, not in words, but in the language of the heart.

the language of the heart is pure, simple, without words, it’s nature.

the sun doesn’t choose who it shines upon, it shares its love with everyone and everything. i am simply one of the many.

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