making the most of the precious moments we have

i love to hike around our peninsula. there are so many places to explore. places that are right here in my backyard. so my dogs and i set out to walk the hills. my sweet friend is with me, the sky is overcast and the sun is thinking of calling it a day.

everyday i walk by our neighbor frances’ house.  she usually sits in a chair in her driveway with her caregiver by her side under a big umbrella. frances is 88 years old. and as precious as can be.

francés has dementia.

she sits there waving to any folks passing by. she reminds me of a little girl waving at her favorite float going by in the big rose bowl parade when she sees us. she has the most glorious smile that says ‘you make me so happy!  i’m so glad you came by!’

and so i do. i take the time to visit even though i know she doesn’t know me.

she’s always dressed in her church clothes. she wears her stockings and her low heeled patent leather fancy pumps that have a flat ribbon bow at the toe. yesterday she had on her bright red st.johns sweater with gold brass buttons that have tarnished over the years.  her gray hair is rolled in tight tiny curls, and her cheeks are rose circles made with pressed powder, and she smells like the the gardenias in her garden. her caregiver puts a lot of love into dressing her. and that makes me happy.

and she loves my dogs. she beckons them to visit. i worry that pirate might rip her stockings with his desire to give her a leg hug.

her head hangs low as she reaches down to say hello to my little guys, and her words don’t always make sense. but today i could hear her loud and clear,

“i love it here.  i’ll be back.”

and we all break out in laughter.  my doggies wag their tails.  it’s so true!  frances is making the most of her time here, and she will be back!



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