celebrating mama love

mama love.  it’s simple, pure and oh so ridiculous!  it’s the love that makes you laugh and cry, and feel good all over.  it’s the joy that is filled with memories that are jumbled inside, all the good and bad, happy, sad. it’s the love that we each know inside of us. it’s the love that grows, expands, multiplies in ways that seem impossible. it’s the love that carries over from one generation to another, and spreads itself through all our senses.

it’s the love i take for granted most of the time, and when i take the time to pause and think, i feel such enormous gratitude that i usually find myself in tears.

brian and our kids gave me a bunch of cards in celebration of this day, (along with some of the most thoughtful gifts – man, i love this day! hehe…)  the one that made me cry was the one where he said, ‘i love you, the way a newborn loves its mommy’ – it may sound weird for those of you who are new to reading my blog, for a husband to say this to his wife. but this is the love that comes from the heart, it’s the love we knew from the beginning, but may have lost along the way.  it’s the love we’re re-learning, refreshing and remembering everyday.

it’s the unconditional love we were born to naturally give and receive.

mama love. it’s the love you felt that first time you looked into your mama’s eyes, that first time you wrapped your tiny fingers around hers, that first time you touched her skin, that first time you tasted her milk.

pure as pure can be. that’s mama love.

2 thoughts on “celebrating mama love

  1. Loved this!! And what a beautiful, Jenny wine and touching words for Brian to have said that to you. I can get emotional thinking about it. 🙏🏼😘❤️

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