creating the bliss from within

finding your way, your passion, your truth, your ‘authentic self’ is much simpler than we think. our minds like to complicate it and we find ourselves asking, ‘but how do i know what it is i love?’ we become so entangled with the material things associated with ‘success’ and ‘happiness’ – money, cars, homes. or confused by what we want others to think about us – the praise, recognition and acknowledgment.

do things that make your heart sing. if you think about having been created to participate in that discovery of the self, you’ll find the joy is in the process of that discovery, the creation of that being, because that self has never before existed. s/he is being created right now, right this moment. we don’t have to know who s/he is, s/he will emerge as we live through the heart. our egos want to identify with a label, a label that’s going to define us. try living without the label and experience how liberating that can be.

we become so immersed in the frenzy of life that we forget what makes our hearts sing.we think it means doing what i want to do. ‘i feel like sitting around watching tv, while eating a bag of chips’ our thoughts are identifying with the ego’s power to say ‘this is who i truly am. i’m really just a lazy bum who likes to be alone.’ or we identify with ‘i’m working my butt off so we can have a good life, and i still don’t feel happy.’

your passion is your true self. s/he exists inside each of us, and is being discovered when you cultivate actions that use the heart, not the head. when you find yourself singing, or humming while creating, when you lose track of time and it seems suspended, when you find yourself using your hands without your mind telling them what to do, when you find yourself not worrying or focusing on what you want to come of your actions, these are times you are listening to your heart.

asking, ‘am i happy?’ is too vague and everyone’s happy is different. ask instead, ‘is what i’m doing connecting me to others?’ or ‘is what i’m creating making this world a better place?’ or  ‘am i sharing my gift with others?’

when there is no comparing or judging, no expectations associated with the consequences of your actions, no attachment to the result, you know your heart is singing.

when you let go of trying to make things and others be your source of happiness, and you begin to nourish the heart’s desire to connect and relate, you experience a bliss that lies within each of us.



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