trusting my heart and not my head

i haven’t heard from my friend in a long time.

my head is afraid.  she must not like me anymore. she’s too busy for me. she doesn’t care about me anymore. she would call me first if she cared.

my heart knows. she’s busy, just the way i am. we’re both letting our lives spin out of control. i’ll reach out and see how she’s doing. i’ll let her know i’m thinking about her.

when i take the time to reconnect, and know that when i reach out from my heart, and not the head, i have no expectations, just a simple opportunity to be there for each other. there is no guilt, no excuses, no apologies, just happiness to hear from each other.

friends lose touch. our lives get busy. it doesn’t mean we stop thinking about each other. it’s never too late to reconnect.  life is about relationships built on understanding and compassion. when we connect with the pure intention of sharing our hearts, beautiful things happen.



2 thoughts on “trusting my heart and not my head

  1. So true. I have learned through the years, that some people are just not capable of having a close friend relationship. It is just the way they are. We are all different and all have different gifts to offer each other. Praying for all the ones God places in my life, whether or not we stay connected is one of the ways I “love” them.

    Have a blessed and joyful day!


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