miracles unfold when i let go and experience the moment

tuned into the universe, the energy, the spirit, our creator, our god…we realize that we’re not perfect. perhaps our greatest realization is that we were created to be just that – imperfect. in our acceptance of these imperfections, we feel this weight lifted. we begin to see that we don’t have to solve it all, and we don’t have to have it all, we don’t have to be it all.

as i embrace all my imperfections, my good and bad, my self judgement is gentle and loving and i don’t have to demand things that are out of my control.

if i can stay present to the moment, i am overwhelmed with god’s greatest gift – love. i experience this sense of unexplainable gratitude for what is just the way it is, not the way i want it to be, but just as life unfolds.  my relationships improve. conflicts and confusion dissipate.

if our actions reflect and embody god’s will, that we love and connect, we experience peace.

if i see that life isn’t all good. that we are created to experience both the struggles and the joys, i see that i get to choose how i want to respond to each moment. if something undesirable or tragic happens, i don’t have to be angry at god for making it happen. i simply pause and look at all the good things in my life, experience gratitude, and accept there are things that are out of my control and then choose to respond in a way that connects me to humanity.

instead of anger at the problems before me, instead of trying to force a solution that is my way, i pause and listen with my heart. what i hear is to practice the actions that connect me to others, that improve my relationships, that demonstrate loving compassion and kindness, and when i do, life unfolds the lesson to be learned, and i begin to experience the miracles.

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