when actions gets noticed, we feel connected

yesterday brian and i spent the day in oxnard. it’s a cute agricultural town that riki and scott have chosen for their wedding destination. think fresh fruit and vegetables meet ocean. not a lot of places like it.

on the way there and back, i noticed brian would move over every time a motorcycle would try and pass in between lanes.  and the motorcyclist would stick out his left hand in the form of a peace sign.

it was really cool. it was almost as if brian and all these cyclist were speaking a private language.

i had never noticed cyclists do the peace sign probably because i’d never moved over for a cyclist before. instead, i’m usually startled by the noise, and overwhelmed with sudden judgment  – the mother in me can’t stand how dangerous driving between cars must be and how so many probably get hit. i’m always relieved that i didn’t accidentally hit one.

when i mentioned to brian that it was nice of him to move over every time. he said, “i’m just letting the cyclist know that i see him and respect him.” and i thought “that’s really neat. i’m going to try and do that next time i see a motorcyclist.” and then he went on to say, “i feel human when i do it.”

“could you tell me more?,” i asked, really curious now.

without hesitation he said, “when my actions get acknowledged, i feel connected. you know how i don’t usually feel connected to others? i feel human when i feel acknowledged. i feel connected.”  and that’s a beautiful thing.


2 thoughts on “when actions gets noticed, we feel connected

  1. Usually bikers acknowledge each other on the streets with a peace sign, but when we see someone in a car pull over and actually give us the right of way, then they get the secret peace sign too!

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