in a tizzy over lamb shank osso bucco

yesterday i spent the day with my parents. they love it when i stay for dinner. remember when you were little and how you loved it when you could show off your parents? my parents were always too shy to show up at my school, but i remember envying the kids who had parents who volunteered for career day. it’s kind of like that at the village where they live, only it’s reversed. the seniors love it when their kids show up so they can show their friends how much they’re loved.

last night they were serving lamb shank osso bucco as one of their options. my dad loved it. the meat was falling off the bone and when he finished his food, it almost looked like he’d licked his plate – just the lone bone remained.

my mom takes a lot longer to eat so we were remembering old times, when one of their friends stopped by to visit. virginia is one of these stylish women who always looks so put together and beautiful and wears a tiny bun on the side of her perfectly combed hair. virginia has strong opinions.

barely a hello, “i can’t believe this kitchen! did you see what they’re serving? –lamb osso bucco!” i thought maybe for religious reasons she couldn’t eat lamb. the kitchen tries its best to honor ethnic and religious holidays, maybe they’d made a mistake today.

“my dad loved it!,” i responded.

she looked at me as if i had said it rains everyday in california.

“lamb osso bucco? you can’t make osso bucco with lamb! osso bucco is always made with veal! this kitchen is ridiculous!  they don’t know anything! i’m sick of this place!”

i tried to listen with my heart, but her ranting was so vehement, that i found myself defending the kitchen. i honestly have never had a terrible meal there. sadly it got to the point where i was afraid her negativity was going to rub off on my dad, who has been very positive lately (thank god!) and i found myself wishing she’d leave, or at least stop her ranting.

“it’s like trying to make a beef roast out of lamb! it can’t be done!” hmmmm, i see it differently. “i guess i’d call it a lamb roast then, like they way they called it lamb shank osso bucco. i thought it just described a way of preparing a cut of meat.”

“no!!!you can’t make a lamb roast if you’re making a beef roast! you obviously don’t cook! osso bucco is only made with veal! there is no such thing as lamb osso bucco!” and she walked away in disgust.

when i’m open to possibilities, the world becomes an adventurous and mysterious place. i can laugh and enjoy what’s before me.  when i have to see my way as the only way, the world can be a very lonely place, with lots of things that just aren’t right.

if i focus on the things that aren’t going my way, life can be miserable.  when i stop and notice all the beautiful details and the incredible gifts before me, life becomes filled with opportunity and miracles surround me!  suddenly i can make a beef roast out of lamb!

as we finished up, we waved good bye to virginia who was sitting by herself telling the waiter they can’t make osso bucco with lamb.



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