eat the tempura and satisfy my ego, or make a choice to be kind to my heart?

what if we are all spiritual creatures on a spiritual path, simply on different timelines.  if i relate to your spirit, and you to mine, we’d all get along. if you think about it we are all born with that beautiful simple heart that doesn’t judge. but we’re encouraged to develop and nurture that strong, powerful ego, and our hearts get forgotten.

our immediate and most powerful sense is the visual. we judge people and things by the way they look. it’s all about what’s on the outside, and rarely the inside. we’re constantly judging with ‘likes’ and points, wins and losses.

as spiritual creatures, we seek connection and understanding. so in some ways our job in life is to journey past the surface stuff into the heart. and that’s where we find the contentment that we all seem to be seeking. happiness is not about acquiring all that outside stuff that our egos have trained us to think.

why is it that all the stuff that our ego desires is actually not so good for us – sugar (cakes and candies), dairy (cheeses and ice creams), excessive amounts of television, sitting, snacking, lying, craving. why is it that we actually have to practice self discipline to learn habits that are good for our bodies, minds and souls? why do our egos have so much power?

it’s part of the plan. it’s as if god places all these obstacles before us so we can learn the hard way because truly it is the journey itself that gives life meaning.

how i choose to respond to different people, places and things is what life is about. and what i’m learning is that when i choose to respond with my ego, i experience conflict. when i choose to respond with my heart, i experience peace and harmony.

we took my parents out for sushi the other day, my mom’s favorite. and my dad loves tempura -fried foods. but after he eats them, he has heartburn. i can sit there and tell him not to eat them, or i can remind him that he has choices. he usually ignores me and is in pain all night. this time, though, he paused and took just one.

change can happen, but usually it takes awhile. it begins with one tiny choice. and then as we keep making more tiny choices that feed our hearts, we experience transformation, where old habits get discarded, and new ones develop.


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