choosing healthy thoughts and actions for my mind and soul is a lot like choosing healthy foods for my body

it’s been just over a year that i stopped eating foods that cause inflammation. my body is so much happier.  no more sciatic nerve. no more pre-arthritis. brian thinks i’m weird because i only love foods that i know are good for me. i stay away from foods that are processed. that’s easy. i love foods that are fresh from the garden, fresh from the market, preferably organic.  i stay away from sugar, gluten, legumes, dairy and alcohol. that may seem like a lot of foods that i can’t eat, but actually there’s a ton that i do eat.  basically, protein, lots of vegetables, tree nuts, seeds and fruit. it’s amazing what i can throw together that makes me feel so complete, and pain free.

eating this way has taught me that i have choices. in choosing to eat foods that are nutritious and whole, my body thanks me by being pain free. it’s easy to have the mindset, i get to eat whatever i want to eat, i’ll just work it off. but having that kind of thinking can lead me down scary roads where i become less mindful and i lose all sense of discipline and become governed by my ego which says ‘it’s not going to hurt me if i just have a little today’…until i find myself saying that everyday, and suddenly i find myself in pain again.

in realizing that in making healthy conscious choices for my body, i can do the same for my mind, heart and soul. so i feed my mind healthy thoughts. instead of negative thoughts to start my day like ‘i’m always late, that’s just the way i’m wired’, i make the choice to feed my mind positive thoughts, ‘today i’ll choose to be on time. i’ll have the keys by the door and my water bottle filled.’ feeding my mind negative thoughts is just as harmful to me as feeding my body unhealthy foods.

making conscious choices for my heart and soul begins with being in a place of non-judgement, where i’m not comparing, competing or wanting. it’s about trying not to change anyone else but me. it’s the practice of quieting my ego and listening and noticing the details that surround me. it’s about focusing on the positive instead of the negative, it’s about spending more time in nature, and with animals and children, and old people, and people in need.

it’s about slowing down and finding gratitude. and its about choosing actions and thoughts that come from the seeds of kindness and compassion, and result in connection, understanding and love.

when i can make conscious choices that are good for my mind, body and soul, i feel in harmony with the universe and a connection with god.



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