the heart expects nothing in return

loving someone without expecting anything in return. this is pure and simple love. this is loving without conditions.

when i set out to do something because i want to prove that i love someone, i will continue to feel unfulfilled because i’ll always want the other person to turn around and do something for me to prove that he loves me.

our minds expect something in return. our hearts do not.

our minds want love to look a certain way.  our hearts simply wants to give.

our minds fear that we may get hurt. our hearts simply understands and connects.

our minds sees love with a lot of ‘ifs’ and comparisons.  our hearts accepts people as they are and doesn’t try and change them to be someone they aren’t.

i think in so many ways we grew up with conditional love.  you do this, i’ll love you. if i do this, then you better do that. if you loved me, then you would ____

we get praise when we do something good, when we do something thoughtful. and when we don’t get that something in return, our feelings get hurt.

can we do these things without getting praise? without getting what we’ve been conditioned to think is ‘love’?

as i practice unconditional love it begins with doing nice things, being kind to people or animals who you don’t know.  and telling no one that you’ve done them. just do them because you are loving. because you are kind. because you’re practicing living through your heart.


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