when i live with patience, i become aware of the progress

i love spending time in the garden. spring is crazy. it truly is a time of renewal and birth. i can literally hear new baby birds chirping away in our trees, our hoot owl has found a mate and the two have been exchanging what i imagine must be ‘love hoots’, and the blooms are unfolding. one day there’s a bud, the next day, it’s starting to open, slowly one petal separates, and then another, the next day, it’s a full on perfect blossom.

being in nature reminds me of the miracle of renewal, growth and unfolding. i think about how we were created to live in these periods of time. seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, seasons, years….and we mark these periods with memories, of birth, death, marriage – moments of significant change.  these periods of time help me stay organized, set goals, and meet deadlines. these periods of time remind me that change takes time and is usually not overnight.

these periods of time also allow me to notice progress so i’m not overwhelmed with the notion of wanting to change overnight. when i break time down to moments, i can experience the now and i become more aware of the progress i’m making over time. i find myself immersed in the practice of patience when i notice and live the moments, and not in fear of what could happen.

instead of demanding that something be done according to my timeline, i find myself in agreement with nature’s timeline. i find myself unfolding like the blossoms in my garden. i find myself in the flow with nature, and i find peace.

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