in touch with my emotions, i detach from my feelings

emotions and feelings are related, but are two different things. as i’m learning to be more in touch with my heart, i’m realizing that my emotions are through my heart, and my feelings are through my head.

it’s kind of a simplistic way of looking at things, but it helps me as i practice being mindful and aware of my ability to choose.

as i practice daily allowing my heart to open, i experience the pure emotion of love and awe. everyday i try and allow my heart to sing. i do something where my heart experiences the pure emotion of love. it’s healthy to allow yourself to be in touch with your emotions, to be that little infant opening his eyes for the first time.

my feelings are those emotions that are associated with a past event or experience. so when i hear someone yelling, i feel scared and hurt. i remember my father yelling at the rice being overcooked, and me personalizing it – if it weren’t for me, the rice wouldn’t be mushy. every time i do something wrong, i hear my inner voice telling me ‘what’s wrong with you? you always mess up.’  i experience a feeling of unworthiness, and i feel disrespected.

if i can pause and detach from the feelings, i actually remove myself from that memory. i practice choosing a different reaction to that emotion which has a strong association to memory that makes me feel a certain way.

feelings are attached to something external that triggers an emotion. an emotion is internal and not tainted with past experiences. it’s pure and simple in its presence, it’s what i experience when i’m connected to you and to my creator. i guess it’s what we call ‘deep emotions’.

being in touch with deep emotions is allowing myself to be in touch with my heart, going deep inside, facing the external triggers or memories associated what we call feelings. releasing the feelings and memories, which then allows us to let go of resentments and instead to discover in our hearts love and eventually forgiveness.

when i see that i can detach from that past experience, and see that i’m ok, that i’m no longer that scared little girl, i see that my heart is going to experience the emotion of love. we all make mistakes, instead of hating myself for not being perfect, i can love myself for being human.

i detach from the feelings of unworthiness and go deep inside to my heart and find love.


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