the drama in my head may be different from the facts

spending quality time with my partner is critical to our relationship – its as important as nourishing my soul and feeding my body.  as i spend this time with brian i remember to practice living through my heart.

living through the heart, i keep it simple. i don’t dwell in my head, and i definitely don’t try and get into his.

what does this mean? how do we have conversations without getting into each other’s heads? it means, staying out of judgement, out of assumptions, out of criticisms and complaints. it means trying to see reality without the filter of my past. it means seeing the facts, experiencing the moment, and detaching from feelings associated to the past.

i find joy and laughter in my time with him, and i choose to step away from creating the drama that comes from thinking too much with my ego, and choose instead to listen with my heart.

he may have a way of doing things that is very different from the way i do things. i used to want to change the way he  would butter his bagel.  seriously?…

my way was always the better way. i’m more efficient, i can get things done quickly and in the end get more things done. but why is faster and more a better way? he’s more detailed and precise, and i admit, and as a result, doesn’t miss things that i may miss.

living through the heart, i’m embracing the way he does things, without feeling the need to change him, and without my mind telling me that he’s trying to change or control me.

we agree to live side by side, embracing each other’s differences, without the need to have the other become more like the other. we agree to disagree.


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