when i practice the art of mindful listening, my heart awakens

sometimes i get so caught up in wanting things my way that i forget to listen. one of my greatest defects of character is that i love to keep busy.  my day is filled with being in motion.

i have a habit of walking while i’m talking, especially as i’m exiting a room. this is not a good thing if you’re the  person in the room trying to hear what i’m saying.

the point is that i need to be more mindful of my words, how i’m saying them, why and how they’re being received…and whom i’m talking with.

if i’m too busy talking, busy doing other things, i’m not actually engaged in conversation and the other person doesn’t feel valued.

giving the other person my absolute presence, my full attention is a habit i’m working on. i’m practicing being present and mindful of what is being said, how i’m receiving each word, and my actual physical being as i take the time to be fully engaged in the conversation.

i put away my phone.

i look into my friend’s eyes and i listen and practice reflective listening.

i try not to think about what i want to say after he finishes talking, instead i savor his words, his gestures, his smile, his tone of voice.

i don’t try and get into his head and guess what he’s thinking. i simply listen and trust.

in giving the other person my presence of mind, body and soul, we connect.

i create the time to be fully present, not just for me, but for the other person as well, for us, for our relationship.


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