discovering the me within

it’s funny how we were created to judge the outside first.  it’s almost as if god wanted us to learn the hard way.  it’s not the easy path that teaches us;

it’s while on the more difficult path that we learn the lessons that truly transform us.

think about it.  so many of the quick fixes are about how we look to others.  the make up we put on, the hair cuts, the dyes, the clothes, liposuction, plastic surgery …these are all things that we change about ourselves to help us feel good about how we look. these are temporary ‘fixes’.  time steps in, and those fixes get old, and before we know it, we’re doing the same ‘fixes’, again and again. it’s the power of our ego and the fear of judgment that pervades.

the heart doesn’t compare, the heart expands with no conditions. when i come from the heart, i relate. i think about transforming from within, it becomes much more about permanence, life changing decisions, healing, fulfillment and seeing how i am one with you.

when confronted with a problem, instead of asking, ‘why me?’, i experience a shift in perspective, and i find myself asking, ‘how is this situation going to transform me?’ or ‘what is the lesson god wants me to learn?’ or ‘how can i better understand you?’

if i focus on what i can do to change from within, and not on what is wrong on the outside, the steps towards that change becomes part of the creation of the person i want to be.

i begin to make choices that are meaningful to my intentional transformation that will contribute to the shift in the way i experience the world.

it no longer is about how am i judged on the outside; it becomes about how am i connecting from the inside.

as i engage with others i am no longer looking at their outsides, and worrying about how they are looking at me; as i engage with others, i am hearing and sensing parts of them that are coming from deep inside.

i am now sharing the me that i’m discovering from within. it’s the me that’s not complicated by all the stuff on the outside that i think you want to see.

it’s just me.



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