awakening the ‘sleeping dragons’ within, i begin to heal

we all have crap from the past.  it’s there in our tissues. deepak chopra talks about those unresolved issues as ‘sleeping dragons’.  my husband talks about his sadness as his ‘demons’.  we think that if we leave the dragons alone. sleeping in the dark, then no one would need to know about them, and life would be fine. but what i’m learning is that if you let the dragons sleep and you hide from them, they actually grow, and get stronger.

what i’m learning over time is that it’s better to wake the dragons, face them and then release them.

at some point my man began to actually identify with his demons; he thought he was his demons. and he was afraid to bring them into the house. he didn’t want anyone to see what he thought was his true self.

he started to isolate.

alone, he could be his sadness. alone, he could be the demons.  alone, he didn’t have to wear a mask. alone, he didn’t have to work to hide what was hurting him. alone, he could hide from the memories of his alcoholic father hitting him in the head, throwing him across the room, punching him against the wall. alone, he could hide from the guilt that he couldn’t help his mom and keep her safe from his father’s rage.

what i’m learning over time is that we all have those memories (some worse than others that’s for sure) and negative childhood experiences that are imprinted in our souls.

what i’m learning is that we each have this beautiful, innocent child within us that is pure love and light, s/he just needs to be nourished and awakened.

what i’m also learning is that in nourishing my soul, and allowing my light to shine, i can face those fearful demons, and in facing them, my light ‘dissolves the sleeping dragons’. as my heart opens, i share my demons with you, i can face the fear and begin to heal, i can connect with your light, and together we experience the expansion of love.


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