my broken heart finds love

my heart opens for the innocent people in brussels.

i’m not going to lie, some of my tears are tears of anger. i will never understand acts of violence. and so i stop trying to change what i cannot. and i try and understand the person behind the act. that person in fear who only knows what he is being taught. as i release the anger, i feel compassion, and an awareness of a broken heart.

today i’m in a heightened state of gratitude. everything, everyone, every moment seems so precious to me. i take nothing for granted, and of course i do. i can go down the list of all the things i’m grateful for, and the list would never end.

from last night’s eclipse, to this morning’s bright moon, i am in awe.

i am so grateful for the freedom i have, for the love that surrounds me, and for the abundant and glorious life that i’m living. thank you universe, thank you for these precious moments.

2 thoughts on “my broken heart finds love

  1. Every smile is an accomplishment. Last night we made bubbles in the bath and giggled trying to catch them. The TV was off! My boys don’t need that kind of fear in their lives before flying to London in 2 weeks, you know? Those who try to cripple us with fear can never understand the power of tapping into the light of gratitude, remembering the light in the eyes of a child, giggles, smiles. If we stop living or dreaming, or limit ourselves, we feed power to the fear. It’s a choice. I may not EVER have compassion for those who kill, but I have compassion for those who lost loved ones. That’s where I shift my love. And trying to stay happy, calm, free, and filled with light is my goal right now. I want to teach my boys that, instead of seeing a mom filled with fear and worry. I’m not always successful, but I try very hard. Thanks God for yoga & meditation AND friends like you whose smile ALWAYS lights up a room, no matter what is going on in your life. And that, my friend, is a gift. ❤

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