it’s love that makes a wedding, not who i might be hurting

the hardest part about planning a wedding is trying to decide who to invite.

we’re never going to be able to invite all the people who are dear to us. and often the people we want to invite don’t match up with the people our daughter wants to invite.  in the end it is her wedding.  and then my head reminds me, aren’t we the ones paying for it?

it’s crazy, and wonderful at the same time.  and in the end, we can’t please everyone.  and i guess that’s what we have to learn.  as much as we want to include everyone, the truth is we can’t afford it.  it’s the union of two families, and we want to include all their friends as well.  with too many people, we lose the intimacy of the event.  and don’t we want to be able to visit with everyone, and feel connected?

as we keep communicating and sharing our thoughts, we’re learning a lot about our different perspectives and compromises.  if we focus on the celebration of love between the two young lovers, and their new beginning, and not trying to please our friends, we keep it simple.

when i start to worry about who i might be hurting by not inviting, i’m in my head and not my heart. love understands.


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