taking time to renew, i find a new beginning

“do you ever feel like sleeping in for days?”

this is what brian’s been asking me lately as he lies there under the covers. i can totally understand. everyone must feel like being a bear in hibernation every once in awhile. maybe that’s what weekends are for?

life can be a lot. as i connect, and understand where he’s coming from, i crawl back in bed and snuggle with him. it’s okay to feel the need to sleep. it’s okay to give yourself a break and rest. when i let go of my need to get up and go, i find i can love myself on the go and resting. it doesn’t have to be either or, i can do both.

as i experience the good and the bad of life, and focus on the bad, it can really bring me down. but if i turn things around, and look at all the good, i find more energy, purpose and intention.

but it’s almost up to me to create that energy by making conscious decisions contrary to that part of me that pulls me down. in creating that energy, it begins with tiny steps of change. maybe getting up five minutes earlier, instead of hours earlier.

in making efforts to change old habits, i start with a change that i can sustain. it can be very small, but it counts and it’s a beginning.



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