in wholeness i find harmony

in caring for myself the cycle explains it best. our minds, bodies, souls – as i care for them they interrelate. if i’m not caring for one, then the other suffers. and as i take things in, it’s important just as my body eliminates toxins, i must also release the negative thoughts and fearful emotions daily.

think of how we eat. eating for so many is a pleasure place. it’s that place we used to go when we cried, and our mothers gave us food. so it makes sense that we enjoy taking in foods that are yummy but may not be so good for us. our bodies are designed to eliminate the things that aren’t so good for us; the more processed our foods become, the more difficult it is to eliminate and the more problems we develop.

our bodies were designed to take in food, and then poop out the stuff we don’t need. as we grow, we learn that we don’t have to make our bodies work so hard.  we can make healthier choices, and be kinder to our bodies.  we become mindful of the foods we take in.

same with our minds. we take in information, and then we dispel negative thoughts. as we have our thoughts, we learn to face the fearful ones, and to let go of them. and we become mindful of the thoughts we carry.  we choose to identify with the positive ones when we’re healthy.

our souls need the same kind of care. daily. if i see it as a cycle of renewal, then it all makes sense. if we hold in our emotions, and let them build, the flood that occurs when it’s no longer possible to hold it all in, is often considered a crisis.

but if i release those emotions daily, face them and let go of them, they no longer control me, and i can have a peaceful, more healthy outlook on life.

if every part of me is a beginner, if every part of me has a fresh start daily,then i have a greater opportunity to learn and see and experience life with renewed energy and a fresh perspective.

it’s the purging and cleansing that i must do daily, but it’s also the conscious choices that i make as i take in life.  i purge through prayer and mediation. or through sharing deeply my inner fears and emotions with a friend. or i help someone in need, and directly experience the connection of the hearts.

when i’m mindful of my choices for my mind, body and soul, i know i’m loving myself wholly. i love my every part of me, and i feel the wholeness and the harmony.

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