doing something different counts

the good news is that my dad’s cardiologist says he’s improving.  with the simple decision to eliminate dessert in his diet, my dad’s been able to bring his blood sugar below 100 (technically, no longer a diabetic) . wow!  he used to look at me across the dinner table, while eating his pecan pie,  “i can have whatever i want. i’m going to die, but you have lots of years to live. and besides, it’s only once in awhile.” (i love my dad!)

and therein lies the difference. it’s all about perspective. he can see life as the end, and think it doesn’t make a difference to change. or he can see life as living every moment and making every moment count, and that change is worth it.

change doesn’t happen overnight. but it does begin with a conscious decision and a willingness to take that first tiny step, even it’s just a movement in the direction of doing something different, that’s change. ‘nothing changes if nothing changes.’

we walked out of the doctor’s office into the fresh air, and instead of complaining about  how bright it was, he says, “wow, it’s such a beautiful day!”

now that’s something to smile about!

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