when my heart aligns with my actions, there is harmony

i remember mr.turner from 6th grade.  he was the first teacher i’d ever had who wasn’t a woman. he’d sit at the front of the room, not behind the desk, but on the edge of his desk.  he’d swing his legs and talk to us like we were his friends.  the stuff he taught me was life changing. maybe i was at that age, or maybe i was just ready to see the world differently.

we were reading ‘to kill a mockingbird’- i love this book as it changed my world. i remember him asking us what ‘ethics’ meant, and i distinctly remembering  ‘doing the right thing, even when no one is looking’ or ‘doing the right thing, even if you’re gonna be judged and maybe even scorned.’

i get so immersed in what others think of me, that suddenly i find myself in a sense performing for others to please them, worrying about what they may think of me.  when i just keep it simple and focus on living through my heart, i experience peace.  the heart doesn’t know how to compare. it simply connects through non-judgement.

how many times have i seen drivers do crazy, and often rude things, because they’re hiding in the safety of their cars? their cars are the ultimate mask for an angry mindset. my daughter’s recent encounter with an enraged driver who ended up totaling her car is an extreme example.

and how many times have i seen parents speak in a demeaning manner to a child, and found myself wondering what it must be like for the child behind closed doors, in the privacy of their own home?

‘ethics’ is at our core and if it can be my way of living and thinking, my way of seeing the world as an opportunity to seize each moment of the day to ‘do the right thing’ regardless of who is watching, behind closed doors, in the safety of my car, or the selfishness of my mind.

harmony is when i can come from my heart, and my actions and thoughts align.

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