kindness feeds our spirits and our hearts expand

“those who make compassion an essential part of their lives find joy in life.  kindness deepens the spirit and produces rewards that cannot be completely explained in words.  its is an experience more powerful than words.  to become acquainted with kindness one must be prepared to learn new things and feel new feelings.  kindness is more than a philosophy of the mind.  it is a philosophy of the spirit.” – robert j.furey

“kindness deepens the spirit”… so often i hear about how the important lessons in life aren’t taught in school…that its the actual experience that can’t be explained in words where we find that peaceful feeling.

it’s in the actual journey of life, amidst the dark and the light, where the heart reawakens..and it’s not overnight. it’s the quieting of the ego and all of its desires where we find the quiet kind heart patiently waiting to expand.

doing something for someone expecting nothing in return is when i experience this feeling.  because love is freeing. there are no conditions. choosing to be kind is not about pleasing someone else, it’s about an act that expands my heart. when i do something from my heart, it is simple, without manipulation, often it’s the tiniest thing, but it expands my heart in the same way the sun warms the earth.

but these acts don’t have to be ‘if you do this, then i’ll love you; or if i do this, then you have to do that.’ it’s not tit for tat.  the heart doesn’t compare, it doesn’t have conditions, it accepts what is and it connects and attracts.  it’s the head that says ‘but i did this for you, so you need to do this for me.’ or ‘if you do this, then i’ll be nice to you.’

when i keep it simple. when i don’t get into my head and judge peoples actions. when i don’t let my mind try and get into someone’s else’s mind, where i will experience conflict and confusion, (because i have no right to be in someone else’s head!), when i just focus on living through my heart, i find myself relating to another human being, and my spirit and i connect.

just the way i feed my body daily with food that is good for me, just the way i feed my mind with thoughts that will help me grow and learn, i too must feed my soul. daily.

kindness feeds the spirit.

today i’m going to create moments of kindness that will nourish my spirit. even if those moments of kindness are as simple as consciously choosing not to judge, compare or defend and simply to be in gratitude. when i choose to live in peace, i listen, and i find i’m surrounded by miracles and people who are kind and loving.


3 thoughts on “kindness feeds our spirits and our hearts expand

  1. when do you leave ashley? you will be in my heart. love you! you get to choose how you receive his words. the heart attracts and connects. the ego demands and wants to control. you are each on your own path, and a very different time line. spending time with you, he will experience the sun warming his heart and perhaps his heart will reawaken


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