embracing the arctics

sometimes life gets a little busy and i forget to take the time to get my haircut.  so, it’s been a few years since i’ve sat in that chair in front of the mirror. my hair has been going through some changes that i’d rather ignore. i fully intended to do something special with my hair for ren’s wedding, but there were other things that were more important.

for the past few years, i’ve been clipping my own hair using my old hair scissors that i had bought years ago to clip brian’s and the kids’ hair – trying to ignore what was going on up there. clearly in denial that something needed to be done.

the other day, i finally made it in to the hairdressers. i decided to take care of myself after finding a groupon, and went for it.  and boy was it nice!

alyssa gave me an incredible head massage, played some of my favorite music, introduced me to some luxurious organic non chemical haircare products…

she kept talking about my ‘arctics’ and i thought this must be a new term hairdressers are using to refer to hair.  and then she told me that even ‘arctics need some nourishment, especially if you want them to lie down.’  i knew exactly what she was referring to – they were my white hairs (which seem to be multiplying rapidly on my head!) they’re the hairs that have turned the texture of wire – imagine a cartoon image where the woman has stuck her finger in an electric socket and her hair’s standing on end, and her eyes are open wide. that’s me.

she went on to explain, ‘i don’t like the sound of white hair -that word must make people feel old. i like calling them arctics.’ hmmmm i liked that…and i liked her.

i walked out of alyssa’s salon feeling like a new woman who had taken care of her arctics, instead of an old lady afraid of her white hair.

i’ll definitely be back to alyssa’s, and it’s not going to be another few years from now… even arctics deserve to be loved.



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