finding gratitude in the lessons of the journey

the mind, the ego, wants answers.  it can be impatient and judgmental. tell me what god is.  tell me. and so man creates religions, and each of these religions has its way of explaining god and creation. but do we really know, must we really know?

maybe it’s in the not knowing, the mystery of it all, where we learn most.

the heart is patient.  the heart relates and connects.  the heart is content with the journey, the discovery, with the lessons learned on the path to understanding.  there may not be well defined lines or words in finding the answer to divinity, but maybe that’s the point.

maybe the point is that each of us has that unique journey in the discovery of the divine. and it’s in daily living that brings clarity to the experience of the divine.

i can read books, i can listen to lectures, but it is in the living of the moment, it’s in the living through moments of difficulty and pain that i learn the about my purpose here on earth. it’s in the moment that i experience gratitude, understanding, and harmony.

it’s my actions that help define me.  i can have thoughts that may run my life, but it is the choices i make in acting upon those thoughts that become part of the co-creation of me.

everyday the universe gives me the opportunity to participate in the creation of me.  i can choose positive or negative thoughts, as i am presented good and bad events and people; it is how i choose to respond to these events and people, how i choose to act that eventually helps define who i am becoming.

as i let go of my ego, and trust the process, trust the universe, i find peace, i find a connection.


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