the magic in becoming

he chose mystery and awe.

i love this video…i can watch it again and again. it so perfectly depicts creation, loss, god, understanding and love…i experience the meaning of this song….i find myself sitting with the boys of the band darlingside as they were writing the music and words of this beautiful song.  i’m not just watching a video, i’m experiencing creation.

when i first heard this band, in 2013, tears streamed from my heart, my gut, my insides.  their voices were so pure, and their instruments simple but different.  a banjo, a mandolin, a tambourine, cello, violin, guitar.  i heard them first sitting in the pew of a church…when they were fresh out of college…and i couldn’t stop crying.

after the service, i went up to them and invited them to stay with me if they ever found themselves in los angeles.  and that’s how they become ‘my band’.  we connected and we believed.  i’m their biggest fan.  and i’m not alone when i say this.

last night they played at hotelcafe in hollywood to a sold out audience, easily a couple hundred of us. when they were at hotelcafe three years ago, there were 21 of us. we loved them then and now. i bet those same 21 were there last night.  i listened to the whispers after the show, “i heard them first on npr, and i was hooked. i love this band.” “i could listen to them forever.” “i’m their biggest fan.” …actually i am.

each of these four men is gifted in his own special way, but they come together in such perfect harmony, that i find myself in awe. yes, they are musicians, and yes, they can sing and play…but what they’re really good at is listening. they listen to each other and they adjust. they are such magical listeners, you can almost feel them listening to each other.

auyon, the one who plays the mandolin, violin and tambourine, put me in touch with his mother, and she and i email each other now.  her son graduated at the top of his class from williams, received a watson fellowship to travel and listen to music from different corners of the world.  he chose his passion for music over med school.  he chose the unknown over the expected.

it was a risk, one could say, but it was the creation of auyon that he had to believe in and i see the joy and love in his eyes, and hear the beauty in his voice, and the shutter of his heart as he shakes his tambourine…every single time.  he chose mystery and awe over the security of being a doctor, and along the way he’s creating himself.

last night’s performance was divine, simply and purely divine.  and i found myself wishing his mama could have been with me last night, and i guess she was…at least a part of her was standing on that stage singing from his heart and that was magical.

and boy do i love magic.

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