mistakes made, lessons learned, in harmony with what is

as we learn from our mistakes we grow, but we also connect in ways not possible if we don’t open up when we admit to our mistakes and not try and cover them up in shame or guilt.

the other day i was participating in a group text, and i accidentally sent a text that was insensitive and hurried that referred to the misfortune of my man’s mistakes.  i felt terrible.

i wanted to hide and bury my guilt and shame.  instead i went home and hugged my man, gave him my love, as he buried himself under the covers and allowed the hurt to overwhelm him.  i didn’t try to defend my comment, or to try and repair or reword it. i simply held him and shared the love i have for him.

something inside me must have been hiding…maybe there was some truth in those words i had sent.

before i left for work in the morning i left him a note, apologizing for my insensitive text and thanking him for the grace with which he handled it.

later that day, we connected in ways we hadn’t in a long time.  we just keep growing closer as we opened in honesty.

it may have hurt at first, but as we remained open to learning from our mistakes, admitting to them, and then listening for the lesson, we found incredible growth.

yes we have lost material things, but the lessons that we’ve learned along the way far outweigh our losses.  our children would not be who they are today, had things been different.  i am forever grateful that we have children who don’t take things for granted, who aren’t privileged, who are hard working and thoughtful…they are loving, giving and compassionate souls who have embraced their father in ways never thought possible.

as they make their way in the world, i’m blessed and grateful knowing that our children are not going to be seeking more material things in life, but are going to be finding ways to help others and to connect with them in meaningful ways.  they know that by giving to the world, and not seeking what their egos want, they will be making a positive impact on their world…they will be contributing in ways that god envisioned.  they will be spreading and living the unconditional love that they learned and continue to learn along a sometimes painful path, but one that we are forever grateful.

bottom line is that we all make mistakes.

the question is do we choose to hide those mistakes? or admit, share and grow from them?


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