go ahead and shout it out!

oh dad…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYLOAay_2MQ

after my dad was able to forgive the ex-worker who couldn’t return his money, he’s been in a better place, singing at the top of his lungs…and listening to versions of frank sinatra’s “my way”…

my dad is 88 years old, and as difficult as he is to live with sometimes, he has such a beautiful soul.  he’s been through a lot and as i remember those days with him growing up, there were a ton of great times…i am so grateful.  funny how it’s easy to focus on the negative ones maybe because my brain chooses to replay all the times i couldn’t please him, but there were so many beautiful, precious memories that i do get to remember – the ones i took for granted, the ones that helped shape who i am today.

so as he belts out these words from “my way”, i can hear him healing.  i can hear my dad feeling okay with life, that he did his best, and he deserves to feel good about living a good life.  there may have been regrets, but he gets to release them, let go of them, sing them and somehow praise them…yes, his life may not have been perfect, but he sure gets to shout out to the world that he did it his way…and he can be loved for being just who he is…a man who worked his butt off to provide for a growing family trying to make it in a strange land.

you gotta love this man…as he learns to embrace these beautiful moments with family, new and old, and accept the past, forgive the people and things that caused him fear, and to accept what is.

i think he’s finally beginning to experience the love and harmony that comes with letting go of the past, and embracing the moment.




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