tacos, and people, come in all different forms

ahhh the many blessings in life.  i’m sitting here in sunny cabo, with brian asleep inside, and my daughter, ren, having arrived late last night. the trip wasn’t as we had dreamed – all four kids with us – but it is what it is…and it’s wonderful! we’ll get to spend quality restful time with ren and eric, and we’ll be getting to know his dad, art and wife, oie.

we’ll be taking time away from house repairs, wedding plans, and the demands of caring for my parents.  thank goodness i have my sisters who have stepped up to the plate to be there for my parents.  mimi flies down today and will be staying with them for a few days. they’ll love that!  when saying my goodbyes, my dad didn’t fail to remind me that ‘he may not be around when i get back.” oh gpa….gotta love that man, and i have to make the choice not to feel guilty as i care for myself.

the thing i love, love, love about traveling abroad is being around people from a different culture and language. i’m put in a position where i truly have to be present. i find myself using all my senses to get around and to observe. i find myself using keener listening skills, and taking in body language clues, and simply being more available to all that is being communicated in that moment. i love learning and listening and trying to connect!

we had dinner with art and oie at a local taqueria. and our waiter kept telling us about tacos. there was a complete menu of different dishes that ranged from mint garnished lamb, slow roasted pork, coconut crusted shrimp, blackened octopus…yet the waiter kept telling us about tacos.

finally art, stopped him, and said, “why do you keep talking about tacos. i don’t want tacos!” – honestly i had never seen art be so impatient, bordering on rude and disrespectful. between the language barrier and traveling stupors, clearly we were missing something.  art explained that oie would like to have something with rice, and the nice waiter asked, “would she like the rice inside the taco?” and at this point art lost it, “don’t you understand?  i don’t want tacos!!”

more back and forth, with the only word that we could understand being ‘tacos’ …finally we got it…they only sell tacos!!! ….taquerias sell tacos only.  and we burst out laughing… and all night long, every time we couldn’t understand something, we’d ask, ‘wait…do you only sell tacos?’  and so we had tacos for dinner…and man, were they good!

brian and i fell asleep giggling about tacos.. it sure helps us understand perspective and how important it is to pause and try and see it from the other’s point of view.

if we pause and listen, we learn so much.


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