opening my heart to family i learn to connect

i was recently invited to be a part of discussion where we were trying to understand how we can improve relationships with one another. i think we thought it was going to be about examining things that we have in common. what i learned was that what brought us closer that day was acknowledging our differences, accepting them, and then opening up about them.

it was our willingness to open up and share from the heart that allowed us to walk away feeling closer.  it wasn’t the superficial ‘what do you do for a living?’ ‘where do you live?’ stuff, it was the emotional stuff that we shared that brought us to a deeper level.

it’s when we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to open our hearts to one another that we see that this is what we all have in common.  and that is, that we’ve all been through crap.  it’s through the crap that we grow. it’s the lessons we learn getting through the crap, that strengthen us and let us learn about love.

it is in the learning about love where we find the healing, and the connection we have to each other.

yesterday’s message at the 50th super bowl was ‘believe in love’ and ‘football is family’. watching these two teams battle it out yesterday in many ways represented the struggle, the pains, the growth we see in life. when we face our differences straight on, and share in that experience of hard work, falling down and getting up, we feel what it means to become family.

i can easily see the family i was born into, but it’s easy for me to miss the family that lives beyond my blood relations.  it’s this family that i’m getting to know.

it is the family that surrounds me everyday that i’m falling in love with. we’re all children of the universe, growing in ways that may not be easy. growth happens when we can wipe our knees and get up, wipe our tears and breathe, when we can share through our hearts, listen and learn –

it is through the lessons of everyday living, the good and bad of being human, that i find family.

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