awakening the parts of us we’ve forgotten how to use

i took my mom to see the throat specialist monday.  we were told that she might be a candidate for a silicone injection that would help her talk again.  what we learned was that her vocal chords are in perfect working condition. this was not the answer my parents were looking for – they wanted a magic injection that would cure her.

wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to walk into a doctor’s office and have him/her miraculously ‘fix’ whatever is wrong?

“can’t you make her better? can’t you fix her?,” my father begged.

basically the neural pathway in her brain that tells her vocal chords to move has fallen asleep from lack of use.  she needs to re-train, or ‘awaken’, that neural pathway.

so he suggested that my mom practice yelling three times a day for five minutes. (i suggested that this would be a perfect opportunity to yell at my dad…and i got a nice giggle from her!)

‘awaken’ was the word the doctor used. wow! he was suggesting that my mom practice yelling to ‘awaken’ the neural pathway in her brain so that she could remember how to use her vocal chords.

isn’t that interesting? over the years we’ve been told to use our egos, so our brains automatically think and override the pathway to the heart. basically the neural pathways to our hearts have fallen asleep. we have forgotten to think with our hearts…something we were given in the beginning, when we were created.

god created us to use our hearts to be loving, but he also gave humans egos, so we could experience egocentric decision making, greed and power. he knew the best way for us to learn about love is to experience the dangers of the ego and its impact on the world, and to learn about love through practice and struggle.

we ‘awaken’ the pathways to the heart when we practice kindness, non-judgement, forgiveness, listening, understanding and compassion.  we are re-training our brains to use our hearts instead of our egos to make decisions, and to choose to relate rather than divide.

when we can mindfully detach from our egos, our connection to our hearts awakens and we find a connection to our souls, our spirit, and to a power greater than our own selves.

if i practice three times a day for five minutes, it’s a beginning. and little by little, step by step, i can transform, i can awaken that part of me that i know is there. and i look into my mom’s eyes, and we agree. we can do it…it just takes practice.





3 thoughts on “awakening the parts of us we’ve forgotten how to use

  1. Oh Manette, The neural pathways to enlightenment. How simple it would seem to make that adjustment, but how hard it is in reality!! Giving your mom the OK to scream is the most wonderful imagery!! Go for it mama!!!

    Xox Nanc

    Nancy Miller 310-266-0400 Sent from my iPhone


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