it’s the process and the people we meet along the way

funny how you can go through life meeting people everyday, and then you meet this someone who you know is going to be in your life forever? it just happens.

….the mystericles in life – the mystery and miracles that i like to blog about, continue to surround me.

as i become more and more mindful of the connections i make in life, these mystericles are more apparent and in many ways have become more profound and unexplainable.

recently my mom and dad have been at the top of my list of daily priorities, as my mom struggles with parkinsons and my dad with heart disease and pneumonia.  thank goodness i have a husband who understands my love for them, and has been 100% supportive.  but in the midst of all these challenges, i have had the joy of working on riki’s wedding.  and during this process, i’ve met this one particular angel who i know entered my life for a reason.

what i’m learning slowly is that life is about practicing the balance of the good and bad, while building and nurturing relationships.  i can let my parents’ needs overwhelm me, or i can choose to notice the good and to absorb and breath in all the positive energy from people and events that i’m helping to create.

when riki emailed me at the beginning of the month to tell me she had found the place she wanted to have her wedding take place, i trusted her intuition. we went with the flow. and every step of the way thus far has been absolutely magical. was it the old barn? the precious dogs and pony? or was it the woman who owns this special place?  – riki and i are getting to know laina and we’ve fallen in love with a woman who loves weddings and all that they represent, and i can tell you, this woman is someone you dream about but who can’t really exist – she makes possible the impossible.

and so begins our journey to create that dream come true…that heaven on earth that life is all about.  it’s about spreading the love through connections, understanding, listening, learning and growing.

life is about seeing the possibilities, believing in them and then creating them through the passion of our hearts. and there we experience the blessings.  no wonder riki and i were crying as we listened to the songs she and scott were considering for the wedding as we drove to visit grandma and grandpa. oh boy!  so much to love!



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