in the beginning…:)

we were all born thinking and living through our hearts. we were these tiny infants in awe of the world.  we had six senses then, in the beginning -a sense of smell, sight, taste, hearing, touch. ..and our sixth sense, i think, a sense of wonder and awe and intuition. this sixth sense was the strongest of them all…and this sixth sense was coming from our hearts.

but as we grew, and we learned to think with our heads, to develop our egos and our other senses, there was little emphasis on developing the sense that was given to us in the heart.

and so our hearts became quiet.  our hearts were thirsting for attention, yet our hearts were patient, as they always are… still the mind and ego grew and took and savored every moment…soon the mind was savoring not only the moment, but the past and the future as well. we learned fear and began to allow fear to enter and run our lives. our hearts tried to stay alive and alert, but the ego was strong, and our hearts  were given little attention and little encouragement. eventually our hearts began to lose the sense that was originally the strongest.

a world run by people whose hearts have been ignored, and whose brains have been enhanced, leads to a place of aggression, impatience, anger, power and discontent.

our creator wanted us to learn on our own, to discover the importance of the heart.  and so he teaches us daily through the ups and downs of life.  there are painful moments, and there are joyful ones.

as i choose not to suffer, but to face, acknowledge and then release the painful ones, i am exercising my heart. as i choose to listen and live through my heart, i quiet my ego, detach from my inner voice, live without judgment, and my heart strengthens.

i find myself thinking with my heart instead of my head. instead of words telling me that i’m right, i know better than others, or i deserve better, i experience a sense of peace and wonder coming from my heart. it is wordless, it is loving and it is simple and pure. it is in harmony with my creator, it is gratitude.


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