making choices with my heart i find happiness

getting along with someone you love can sometimes be a challenge…but it can also be so much fun!  i actually have a choice – challenge or fun?  struggle or peace?  conflict or serenity? discord or harmony?

when i let my ego lead, i experience discord and confusion and a desire to judge the other other person. my ego wants to have it my way. my ego wants to focus on all the things the other person is doing wrong. ‘if only he’d do it my way, life would be so much better…’ ‘i don’t deserve to be living with someone who doesn’t appreciate me..’

when i let my heart lead, i experience harmony. my heart chooses to relate without conditions.  when my heart sees the positive things about the person, my heart experiences gratitude. and suddenly his way of doing things, i accept as different from mine, and i remember to see his essence, his goodness, and our hearts connect.

my ego wants to be right, while my heart wants to understand.  this doesn’t mean that i have to agree with everything the other person says or thinks. i just have to understand that each of us has his or her own perspective on life, or any given situation.  when i remember that we’re simply different, and that we’ve all had a different set of experiences, it makes it so much easier for me to agree to disagree.

i can stay in harmony with others when i don’t have to insist on being right.  i can focus on understanding his point of view and suddenly the discord dissipates.

i’d rather choose to be happy than be right.  i’d rather choose to be in harmony than in conflict.  i’d rather nourish my soul than my ego.

when i resist, my unhappiness persists.

when i let go of the reins and my need to control or change the other person, i experience peace.

when i let go of the insistence that i’m not the one doing anything wrong, he’s the one, i experience acceptance.

when i can stop blaming someone else for my unhappiness and look within, i experience compassion.

when i can value another’s perspective without judging it as wrong, i experience love without conditions.

when i can forgive and let go of resentments, i experience freedom from my ego and an openness of the heart

i have choices.  i choose to be in harmony with what is. i choose a lightness of being.

i choose to be happy, kind and loving.  i choose to be me, and i accept the other person as he is, not as i want him to be.


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