when we focus on the negative we miss the blessings

yesterday i took my dad to see the surgeon who did his double quadruple bypass 13 years ago -yes, my father has an 8 bypass.  this was at the top of my dad’s bucket list – “i want to thank dr.robertson for giving me all these extra years of my life.”

years ago when my dad started seeing dr. robertson for his weak heart, we learned that he loved chinese winter melon soup. so i made dr.robertson a pot of winter melon soup and my dad presented it to him, along with a donation to the hospital, honoring dr.robertson for his work.  it was a rare, beautiful and touching moment to see how grateful my father can be.

the great news is that my dad’s heart isn’t as bad as the northridge cardiologist thought.  his echocardiogram showed 40% rather than 10% open vessel, which is a huge difference.  the doctor in northridge was telling us that my dad’s vessels were almost completely blocked; dr. robertson disagreed and said that the decline wasn’t bad – that he needs to see the orginal disk from his angiogram and then he can make recommendations as to how to proceed.

i felt like jumping up and down with this good news.  but my dad was so focused on being mad at the northridge doctor that he couldn’t see the blessing. instead of celebrating, he complained the rest of the night about how he didn’t like the other doctor and how rotten he was.

in gratitude we see the blessings, miracles and peace; in criticism we miss the positive, see the negative, hear the bitter chatter, and we forget to dance. so my sister, brother and i danced in our separate homes and fell asleep in gratitude.

maybe my dad’ll dance tomorrow, and maybe he’ll get a better night’s sleep.


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