coming from the heart, we grow closer

change isn’t easy…especially for an old person. my dad’s 88 years old.  he’s got a certain way of doing things. over the past ten years he’s had to learn to step up and be of service to my mom…not an easy task given how all those years of being together, she was always the one being of service to him. but he was being of service to her outside the home, working hard to put food on the table.

when i think about it, being of service to another can be binding, but it can also be freeing if it’s coming from the heart.  if service comes from the heart, then it is a form of love.  if service comes from the head, it often turns to hate.  resentment and anger fester in the head, love and understanding grow in the heart.

as i spend time with my parents as they struggle with their health, i find myself deeply engaged in the tapestry of learning that we’re weaving together as a family.  as i listen to my heart, my love for them grows.

“may your hurts turn to healing, your heart embrace feeling. may wounds become wisdom…may laughter infect you…” – D. Simone


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