experiencing reality and embracing change

finding time to help my mom and dad, while looking for the perfect venue for riki’s upcoming wedding, is such a reminder of life’s mystery.  it’s the combination of the details of the natural process of aging, and the absolute joy of a new beginning. how wonderful it’ll be if my parents get to attend riki’s wedding.

i have to admit that doing the latter with riki is so much more fun than the details of caring for my parents.  and perhaps as i juggle both commitments, i remind myself of the choices i get to make.

when i shift my perspective and focus on the fun i’m having with riki and the joy in planning her dream wedding, the details of my parent’s situation fade into something manageable, and not something dramatic or  problematic.

i’m dealing with life.  i get to have both the joy of a beginning and the reality of a grateful end.


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