jumping in the new year living through the heart

jen family at wedding

juggling extended family and immediate family isn’t easy, especially with everyone living in different parts of the country, with each having his own agenda. it worked this year. i made some choices that gave me peace.

in the past i would have struggled trying to be there combining everyone’s schedules. this year, i just let it go. i allowed my little sister, mimi, who lives out of town, to be there for my parents in her big and beautiful way, and trust that my parents understood that our four kids have a need to spend solo time with their immediate family. and i let my little brother, who often is too busy to carve out time for weekly visits with our parents, step up and offer his home in ojai as a place of rest and relaxation.

i took a break and focussed on time with our kids.  we cooked, played games, laughed, hiked, took walks with the dogs…i focused on quality moments with them and i appreciated how much joy my sister and other siblings were bringing to my parents.  i didn’t let guilt creep in. our kids and i visited with my parents when we could, but i didn’t let it overwhelm me. my physical presence was scarce, but my love and understanding, my spirit, was there the whole time. and in the meantime, my thumb is finally showing signs of improvement – amazing how time away can heal.

family understands. family knows you want to be there, but sometimes can’t. family senses your presence and accepts you just the way you are.

as i begin the year, i cherish the memories with family, and friends as family.  i am so grateful for my health, and for the little things that i take for granted that surround me every day. like opening my eyes, and being able to see the beauty before me.

i think about new beginnings – that i’m forever teachable and that i have oh so much to learn, especially the lessons from the heart.

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