accepting life as it unfolds, living on the edge of life

my father called last night – he wasn’t feeling well.  something wasn’t right. he couldn’t breathe, he felt weak and sick. he wanted me to drive up and be there with him.  having to evaluate the situation, and to make the final decision not to drive up wasn’t easy.

instead, i did some breathing with him, talked him into some relaxation, then distracted him with questions about his foot! he’s so focused on his heart, that i think he literally makes his heart work harder.

“did you take your blood pressure?” i ask.

“no, i know it’s high. my heart is racing,”  he insisted.  he’s always right and always knows best.

“let’s have mommy’s nurse take your blood pressure,”  i suggest.

he calls me back, “hey, it’s fine. my blood pressure is fine,” in disbelief and sounding relieved.

sometimes our minds can take us to scary places. and my dad has a mind that is guided by fear.  as i learn to face the fear, then to release it, i practice detaching from the voice that wants to control everything and fix it all.

i find peace when i accept life as it unfolds.

we can live on the edge of death, or we can live on the edge of life. it’s the same place, literally on the precipice, but a different perspective. on the edge of death, we’re in constant fear of the unknown. on the edge of life, we are in faith that it is what it is, and so we love every moment of it, breathing and releasing along the way, knowing we’re here for each other.

i can be stressed all the time fearing death – FEARFuture Events Already Ruined

or i can have FAITH Finding Answers In The Heart and find joy in each moment living and connecting with others through love as best i can.

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