every bite is a miracle

as we celebrate the little things…my mom ate every single bite of her dinner last night, and then smiled!  i know it seems silly, but i found myself jumping up and down bathed in joy. it’s so hard to describe, but this effort on my mom’s part tells me a lot – mostly that she’s not giving up, that she wants to live. with parkinson’s, the act of swallowing, which i take for granted, doesn’t come easily.

when we find joy in the little things, we find the reason to live. it isn’t about winning a marathon, or a singing contest, writing a bestselling novel, or being a top chef, to feel self worth.

if i focus on each tiny step as precious, i find my purpose and that is to appreciate the miracles around me and to share them through a loving heart. as i live in the now, there is no need to be perfect, or even someone accomplished.

in acceptance of who i am – a jumble of imperfections – without the judgement of others, i find happiness, health and a sense of living with ease. i’m in harmony with the rest of the nature. nature is beautiful and perfect being imperfect.

today my mom is appreciating that she can still swallow her food and drink her water.

and today she can enjoy every tiny stroke of her brush as she sits in peace with her palette and tubes of colors that surround her…she still has many choices, and i’m glad she has the courage and will to live life’s purpose.

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