experiencing my truth

the sunsets have been magical these past few days.  the day was coming to close after spending it with my parents, but brian and tai were determined to get into the ocean with their paddle boards. i walked with the dogs to see if i might catch a glimpse of them as they paddled.

when i first spotted the only paddler out there, i thought to myself, they must have gone away from the shore instead of along the shore, and were not too far for me to spot.  as i looked closely i could see the one paddler become two.  the two were stroking in such perfect unison that they appeared as one.

as they paddled towards the setting sun, i knew what they were experiencing.  it’s the same joy i have when i’m aware of my connection to the universe.  it’s that place of total peace when i connect with someone so perfectly that i feel one with them.  it’s what the athlete’s talk about after an exhilarating game on the field.

it’s what a mother experiences when she sees her son in pure connection with his father. it’s that harmony a parent experiences holding his newborn for the first time. it’s that place of total and complete acceptance. it’s unconditional love.

that place where body, mind and soul are working as one, where no one is comparing.  it’s a place where i detach from judgement, and just allow myself to be in the now, totally connected to my truth.

it’s so pure and gentle it reaches deep inside my heart and i find myself totally open and vulnerable. and that’s when the sun sets in all its glory, touching the clouds with its pink softness, and i know i’m experiencing the miracle of that spiritual being in my human body.

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