the gift of a-c-t-i-o-n

the crazy thing about parkinsons is that the one thing the medical field has been able to determine, is that the more active you are, you can slow down the disease from taking over your body, and yet the hardest thing for a person with parkinsons is to move.  my mom was so good about doing physical activity daily, until she fell.  with a fractured hip, it’s not easy to keep moving.  and man, you can see how her inability to move has allowed the parkinsons to take over her body.

when i think about it, life is a series of actions that we take.  the actions that we take impact every aspect of our lives. as i take my actions, i find myself being mindful and grateful that i can move with ease. being around my mom heightens my awareness and i want to be there with her to make her life a little easier, just a little more joyful.

as i take my actions, here’s what i’ve been thinking

A – attitude of gratitude.  am i in appreciation of my ability to move?

C – choices. am i able to detach for conditioned reactions that i’ve learned over the years, and be mindful of the desire to change in a way that is more patient and compassionate? does that choice connect?

T – trusting.  am i having faith that it is what it is? – that life is a mystery, and as it unfolds, i trust that i can’t control what is to happen.  it’s life as it unfolds, not life on my terms.

I – inside.  am i looking within to find what it is that i need to do? not wanting to change anyone but myself?

O – open.  am i being open to all possibilities?  am i able to see my obstacles as opportunities to grow and learn?

N – now.  am i staying in the now? experiencing the magnificence of the present moment?

now when i think about being lazy (which is very different from relaxing and taking a break, finding time to refresh) i think about how my mom wants to take action and can’t.

i am reminded of the many gifts i have, and i’m so grateful i can take action.


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