miracle monday #6: green tea

i love a nice warm cup of green tea. it’s been a part of my life since i was a little girl, as i would make it for my father every night.  i remember pouring the hot water over the leaves and watching them unfold. he would drink around the leaves while they floated on the surface. that’s the way i like to drink my green tea too.

i like the way tea in general slows me down.  it reminds me to pause in the middle of the day, to reflect and sit in stillness.  i guess in many ways, it’s a form of meditation, but over the years i’ve learned that green tea has very specific health benefits. it’s filled with many different types of antioxidants. the free radical substances in green tea help my body fight off infections and illnesses and is believed to help fight cancer. it helps regulate sugar levels and is great for my liver, too.

apparently green tea is super good for my teeth. the catechins in green tea help rid my mouth of bacteria that cause tooth decay.  it’s green tea without sugar that helps the teeth- once you start adding sugar, the tea has a negative affect on your teeth.  i’m thinking daily drinking of green tea might explain why my dad has such a good set of teeth at age 88.

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