miracle monday #5 – goji berries

goji berries are little red bits of magic!  not a lot of folks know about this little miracle of a berry.  it’s origins are the himalayan mountains and this berry has been used in china for centuries. (its a member of the nightshades for those of you who are avoiding tomatoes, eggplants, etc. so you may want to introduce them slowly to see if they have the same effect on you as other typical nightshades.)

this berry is crazy amazing if you want to start your day off right, give it a try. it gives you so much energy and sustenance. it’s packed full of all kinds of goodness starting with all essential amino acids, and it has the highest concentration of protein than any other fruit – love that!   if you are low in iron, this little red berry has 15 times more iron than spinach, yeehaw! goji berries have twenty-one trace minerals and are super high in fiber, putting it way up on my list of foods i like to eat daily. make sure you get the kind that have no sugars added. there is no need for sugars to be added to this naturally sweet fruit.

in china, this fruit has been used for centuries to help with lower back pain, having a direct impact on the kidney and liver meridians.  you can now find goji berries in lots of dried fruit mixes, or granola blends.  i like to soak them in hot water, and drink the tea, either as a sweetener for my green and ginger tea or plain as is.  i then use the soaked berries in my smoothies, or in my baking.  it’s a natural sweetener and is a great anti-inflammatory – super good for my aging joints!

it’s a natural antioxidant and also great for the immune system, so really helpful if you’re at all interested in staying healthy…  you probably are asking yourself why you haven’t been eating them before now, its cuz you didn’t know about them, and now you do:)

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