finding self worth through unconditional love

my daughter, riki, shared this video with me yesterday and it touched my heart big time.

this cross-section of dogs and humans, each creatures of our society – rejected, ignored, unloved – helping each other heal.  this gift of unconditional love that these dogs and prisoners are sharing with each other is what is so often missing from lost lives – i say ‘lost’ because sometimes we do wander from our source, our creator, our inner self, and it’s only in being understood and feeling loved, that we find our self worth  and our connection to the soul.

during brian’s darkest days, our dog of 15 years, nala, passed away.  within days of her death, her buddy and best friend, 13 year old chance, went on strike and refused to eat.  within months, he, too, joined her in heaven.  at the time, brian was so lost i don’t think he realized just how much their loss impacted his very core.

dogs teach us so much about unconditional love, forgiveness, and joy. dogs listen with their eyes, and give with no judgement.  they kiss and wag their tails, no matter how they’ve been treated.  you can share your deepest, darkest secrets with them, and you can trust they won’t tell a soul. by the way they sit with you, and put their heads on your leg, you know they understand. they simply want to connect, relate and give compassion. they don’t try to get into your head and they don’t compare. they ‘love in such a way the person they love feels free’.

it didn’t take us long to adopt three more dogs, and they have been one of the main sources of brian’s healing.  they are constant, reliable, and unconditional in all the love they so readily give.

and they are oh so grateful, and so are we.

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