in finding meaning, i find my 3 D’s

if you like to meditate, or if you’ve been thinking about starting, deepak is awesome.  starting my day with yoga and meditation refreshes me and centers me.  it’s also a super way to end your day!

when i meditate and enter a place of stillness, i find peace, and also creativity. it’s after my meditation that suddenly ideas flow.

here’s what came to me today –

we all have a purpose here on earth:

D -iscover your gift, your unique, individual gift that only you have been given.

we all have a life to live:

D – evelop your gift, nurture it, feed your soul, grow it, create it, change it.

we all have a reason for being here.

D – eliver your gift, share it and you will find meaning and fulfillment in life,

here i am again, playing with words, and having fun.  this is what comes to me when i connect with my higher self.  i’m filled with gratitude that you’re taking the time to join me in my exploration as i co-create in this beautiful world.

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