my 3 f’s

“success is liking yourself – liking what you do and how you’re doing it.” – maya angelou

when i keep it simple and see things from within, life isn’t about what others think of me, it’s what i like about myself.  it’s sad how today’s world is focused on how others judge us – how many ‘likes’ you have on facebook or twitter, how you get judged by how you perform on tv shows such as american idol, or top chef  – it’s no wonder we’re seeing such an increase in young people who are struggling with depression.

focus on the fun, not on the judgement.  being judged all the time isn’t a fun way to live or to feel good about oneself. you gotta have fun from within.

if i focus on doing the things i like to do, and  how i’m doing it, i know i’m living.  it’s when i’m doing something that doesn’t ring true to me that i begin to feel stress or discontent.

feel the flow from within. because quite simply, if it’s coming from my heart, i’m connected to the flow, and this is when i experience the passion i have for living.  living is creating in your personal gift.

am i going to make mistakes? yes, that’s a given.  but having no fear of the mistakes and failure is different from approaching life worrying about the possibility of a mistake.

having no fear of mistakes allows personal freedom. when i can learn from the mistake, that’s when i experience growth, and a freedom that allows me to pursue my passions with a plunge, instead of a dabble. 

and there you have it – my 3 f’s:  fun, flow and freedom – when i’ve got the 3 f’s, i know i’m succeeding because i’m liking what i’m doing, and how i’m doing it – i’m liking me.

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