life gets complicated being stuck in the head

i love this quote from michael j. fox:

“what other people think of me is not my business.”

i used to try and live in other people’s heads, and i found myself always questioning my next move, my next word, my next thought.  i could never stay present because i was too worried about what other people were thinking about me.  i’m not sure when this began, but as an observer in life, instead of a participant, i lost confidence in who i was becoming. and that’s when my shyness took over. i started living in fear of judgement that what i might say or do could be wrong and that people wouldn’t like me.

i’m no longer living from that place of fear, and i don’t feel overwhelmed with shyness or insecurities.

who i am is in creation.  i get to be who i am becoming.  i don’t have to know exactly who this someone is, but as i am in tune with what brings me joy, peace and passion, i know i’m creating in the right direction, in this moment. i am life, not in judgement of life. if i find myself trying to do things to please others, or trying to be in anyone’s else’s head, then i know i’m not being true to myself.  my compass is internal, not external.

i’m choosing to live through the heart and the heart doesn’t compare, it relates and connects.

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